Has Brie Bella Retired for Good?

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Has Brie Bella Retired for Good?

Female superstars were never taken as seriously as they are now. Professional wrestling has always been a sport dominated by males. Recently women are getting popular. It is true that some WWE female superstars did exceptionally well in the ring, but they were still disregarded for the most part.

Most female superstars get married at some point and that can affect their in-ring performance. After starting a family, most female superstars struggle to keep up with the busy schedule that the WWE imposes. It is not easy to wrestler and look after the family at the same time.

Professional wrestlers also get injured every now and then. That can have a negative effect on a female superstar’s family. Brie Bella was part of the Bella Twins, and was one of the most popular female wrestlers of the world.

She is married to Daniel Bryan and has kids with him. On an episode of Total Bella’s, Brie announced that she won’t be continuing in the WWE. "I love WWE, but the one thing I learned is that I can't do everything.

I just can't," Brie continued. "I know deep down inside that I'm making the right decision, that the boots have to be hung, that I need to go back to Phoenix and just really put more concentration on the things that are in my future instead of what was in my past."