Kushida may have already left WWE

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Kushida may have already left WWE

Over the past few months and over the past two years, WWE has gone on to introduce numerous new Superstars within its multi-colored brand: NXT. After rebranding the entire roster, complete with a new name, new colors, new sets of lights and new Superstars, NXT was also entrusted to new executives, as Triple H was absent for months due to a serious heart problem and his personal staff have been almost totally released, such as William Regal, Samoa Joe, Road Dogg and many other trusted faces of the Triple.

In all this, many Superstars have no longer found a place in the rings of the WWE color show, such as all those who preferred to leave WWE to seek their fortune elsewhere, such as Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly or all released.

of the brand, such as Bobby Fish. In fact, many have not awaited their release, but have decided of their own free will to leave the WWE, such as the former NXT Champion Adam Cole, with a new name that could soon be added to this list, given that in the last hours it is has been moved to the company's official website, from the active roster section to the Alumni section.

Kushida has been with WWE for a few years now. It was during WrestleMania 35 season when the signing of the Japanese sensation was announced. Following a three-year stint in NXT, it seems as though the run of the former Cruiserweight Champion is officially over.

Backstage news on Kushida

After weeks and weeks of absences from the NXT rings, the profile of Kushida, former NXT lightweight champion, has been moved to the Alumni section, which is the section where former WWE stars belong, after they have been fired or after they have sadly passed away.

Being alive and well, KUSHIDA may therefore have terminated his contract with the McMahons, which would therefore justify the silent move that came in the last few hours. The former NJPW star had been courted by Triple H for months, until KUSHIDA finally signed a contract in 2019 with WWE, only thanks to his COO, with his storylines that never took off in the company's rings, also thanks to the difficulty in the language of Japanese.

After weeks and weeks of absence from the rings, with new Superstars present every week at NXT, it seems that KUSHIDA's journey with the WWE has also ended, with the athlete who could soon appear elsewhere, awaiting official confirmation on his departure from the Stamford-based company.