Ezekiel hasn't seen Elias in months

WWE already has a big surprise ready for Raw and SmackDown

by Simone Brugnoli
Ezekiel hasn't seen Elias in months

Ezekiel, Elias' younger brother, and whoever says otherwise has not understood anything, made his debut in the WWE Raw post-Wrestlemania 38 episode, going to introduce himself to Kevin Owens who immediately denied his identity saying that clearly, it is Elias.

In the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, which aired last night in the United States, the Canadian wanted to subject Ezekiel to the lie detector test to unmask him.

Ezekiel opens up on Elias

Ezekiel passed a lie detector test set up by Kevin Owens on the latest edition of Monday Night RAW.

Interviewed on the Pat McAfee Show, the wrestler said he hadn't seen his brother Elias for some time, just like all of us: "It's been months since I've seen my brother. I miss the boy. Despite all the problems he liked to cause, he was actually a good brother to me.

I miss him, but he's out doing his thing. He'll reappear when the time comes. In the meantime, I'm here. I'm his younger brother and I'm enjoying WWE." When asked how their family had taken the news of Elias's disappearance, he replied: "The family was a bit broken, but this is Elias.

This is what he does. On the other hand, they are like that. Proud of me, they are so excited. They can't wait to see me. They gather around the TV for Monday Night Raw, just like I did when I was watching Elias. It's a big closing of the circle." But rightly so, fans also wondered why we only found out about this brother's existence just now, after Elias has been with the company since 2014.

In fact, when asked, Ezekiel replied: "Elias was embarrassed by me. It was always my dream to be a WWE Superstar. He came first, he did his thing, I was proud of him, but he knew I was going to rank up and be there someday and it looks like he used that against me." When Ezekiel made it to the ring, he reaffirmed his identity as an irate Owens commanded Gable to set up the test.

After a few brief tests, more critical questions were asked, as the superstar confirmed that his name was indeed Ezekiel and that his brother was indeed Elias. Following his success in the lie detector test, Ezekiel took on Chad Gable in the former's "first" match on Monday Night RAW.

Both men exchanged some heavy offense, going back and forth for a few minutes. However, the 'new' superstar eventually started to gain the upper hand.

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