Raw: Seth Rollins kept using excuses to justify his loss

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Raw: Seth Rollins kept using excuses to justify his loss

The episode of Raw opens with Seth Rollins and another of his complete details, who sits in the center of the ring with the microphone inviting Cody Rhodes to join him and actually he does so by saying that Buffalo, the city of the episode, is "Rhodes Country."

Then every time Seth tries to talk he gets smart and plays with the crowd irritating the Drip God, who accuses him of having had an advantage at Wrestlemania, that is to prepare for the match unlike him who did not know the name of his opponent.

Then he adds that he is better than Cody in all respects. In response The American Nightmare replies that things do not change because he has now lost to Wrestlemania and then asks the audience if they think he is better than Seth Rollins and the audience responds with his resounding “yes!

Yes! Yes! " At that point Rollins proposes, since he finds it so easy, tonight to have a match with a fighter of his choice and Cody accepts.

Seth Rollins opened the show

The show kicked off with Seth Rollins taking to the ring to talk about his rematch against Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania Backlash.

The American Nightmare came out soon after to join Rollins in the ring. WWE Women's Tag Team Championships Match: Boss N 'Glow (c) vs Liv 4 Brutality. The action starts in the ring with the champions in a bit of trouble, but then they manage to recover until we move out of the ring where the challengers don't go too lightly and when they return from the break they have the advantage with Rhea in the ring with Naomi.

At one point, the Liv 4 Brutality are about to take home the titles with the Australian doing a Riptide on Naomi while Liv blocks Sasha Banks who frees herself, gives her a Backstabber before launching herself on Rhea and breaking the pin.

Shortly afterwards the champions recover and with a combination of couple moves, pin the former NXT champion and keep the titles. As they walk away, in the ring we see Rhea and Liv arguing heatedly and it is clear that they have come to an end.

How nice, another team that splits, what a joy WWE thank you. And on these words of gratitude for the company, we see the Australian brutally attacking the former Riott Squad to everyone's whistles. Maybe we've really gotten to the point where Rhea will join the Edge stable and it will be interesting to see her as a real heel on the main roster.