Raw: Rhea Ripley completed her turn heel

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Raw: Rhea Ripley completed her turn heel

Shortly after being interviewed backstage, Rhea Ripley says she doesn't owe anyone an explanation and walks away angrily as we see purple lights projected on the ceiling. The challenge continues between Sonya Deville and Bianca Belair.

Meanwhile, Sonya Deville sat in the center of the ring, telling us that the management told her that she abused her power with Bianca Belair, adding that she remains a competitor and that being an officer was an imposition, but that she wants to fight and beat the best in WWE and that in the end Bianca wanted an opponent and she gave it to her and it's nothing personal, it's just business.

Rhea Ripley attacked Liv Morgan

The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship match kicked off with Rhea Ripley and Sasha Banks in the middle. The Nightmare used her power to work over Banks and isolated her for some time. At that point Bianca Belair comes out going into the ring and Sonya already threatens her as she did with Naomi telling her that if he were to touch her as the WWE officer there would be repercussions, so the EST challenges her for the match tonight because she can't wait to get his hands on her, but obviously she refuses saying that it will happen in a city where she will hate to lose, or next week in Bianca's hometown, so she will have her family to console her when she loses and provokes her by telling her that she is so used to losing quickly .

The champion then raises her for a KOD, but her officer threatens to suspend and fine her and she puts her down before leaving. Rhea Ripley was unhappy with the loss and snapped at Liv after the match. She attacked her from behind and unloaded on her before hitting the Riptide to turn heel.

It was a decent match that allowed the right team to pick up the win. WWE needed to turn Ripley heel, and the change in character could help her get a few matches against Bianca Belair for the RAW Women’s Championship.

The X factor in this match was obviously Charlotte Flair, who registered another excellent PPV performance. Flair busted out every move in her arsenal but couldn’t put her opponents away. We frequently saw Ripley and Asuka team up to keep Charlotte down, including a huge double superplex.

Flair proved why she’s the Queen of WWE by taking Ripley and Asuka down together and trying to pin them at the same time.