Raw: Veer Mahaan scored a significant victory

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Raw: Veer Mahaan scored a significant victory

Veer Mahaan vs Jeff Brooks Oh well, it's a local wrestler squash match, there's not much to say. Vince Veer who not happy attacks the poor boy even after the match by submitting him until the officers intervene, but then tries again.

I still can't understand this character and I don't even understand how WWE managed to present him as a heel instead of face after all the hype that there was for his arrival and the very nice posts of him that he made on social networks.

Mystery… In the meantime, we go backstage where Sonya goes to her colleague Adam Pearce to complain about Bianca's behavior and he tells her that he thought of fining her and shortly afterwards EST also joins who is there to pay her fine and pulls out a dollar giving it to Adam telling her, "I hope you've learned your lesson" and she replying "Sure, it was worth it for a dollar."

Veer Mahaan was back after sending Dominik to the hospital last week and his opponent was a local competitor. Mahaan was tossing Jeff Brooks around the ring early on before hitting a tackle and a huge Million Dollar Arm lariat.

Mahaan locked in the cervical clutch and picked up the win.

Veer Mahaan def. Jeff Brooks

Veer Mahaan refused to let go of the hold after the bell was run and a group of officials had to separate the two. With Deville blurting out for such a low fine.

KO Show of truth. Of course, as we were promised, Kevin Owens wants to subject Ezekiel to a lie detector to unmask Elias and he will do so with the help of Chad Gable. As soon as Ezekiel makes his entrance, he and KO obviously start discussing whether or not he is Elias and then the test begins.

After some tests, to the question "is your real name Ezekiel?", He answers yes and it turns out that he is telling the truth, ditto when he is asked if Elias is his older brother and also when Kevin Owens asks him if his name is Elias and he says no.

How cool are these flashbacks about Vince McMahon and Mr. America. Eventually Ezekiel asks Kevin Owens for a match because he's tired of him, but the Canadian leaves and has Chad Gable attack him. WWE showed Veer Mahaan’s arrival vignettes on RAW in October 2021.

Since then the WWE Universe has been eagerly waiting for Mahaan’s arrival in the company. The meaning of the name Veer Mahaan means “The Great Warrior”. Fans are now becoming excited about his arrival on RAW.