Kofi Kingston Annoyed at Vince McMahon

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Kofi Kingston Annoyed at Vince McMahon

Professional wrestlers may or may not agree with the creative decisions taken by their promotion concerning their characters or fights. Big promotions give little to no creative freedom to their wrestlers. Most WWE wrestlers leave the WWE because they feel like they are being disregarded.

A wrestler must continually grow in order to succeed and make a mark on the world. A wrestler will leave a promotion that does not let him/her grow. WWE has a shortage of fan favorites and most WWE superstars know about this.

Kofi Kingston is becoming popular and fans love him. Instead of being pushed, Kofi Kingston feels that the WWE is disregarding him. Kingston performed really well before the Elimination Chamber event. He performed well during the event as well.

For his fabulous performances, The WWE gave Kofi a shot at the WWE title. Vince McMahon decided to give the shot to Kevin Owens instead after he returned. Kofi was not at all happy with this decision and the fact that the Vince screwed him at Fastlane again.

He was placed in a handicap match against The Bar. He lost the match. Kofi wrote on his twitter, “I'm not sure what Vince was trying to accomplish last night, but one thing became very clear: He does not want to see me as WWE Champion. After 11 years, I finally have your attention...and I'm not going away. See you Tuesday @VinceMcMahon"