Raw: Edge cut an extraordinary promo

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Raw: Edge cut an extraordinary promo

Ezekiel vs Chad Gable The match also proceeds very well, a fairly balanced challenge, but then Otis intervenes, eventually triggering a disqualification and giving the victory to Ezekiel. RK-Bro vs Street Profits Tag team matches have been running around the usual tag teams for weeks now, so it has also become difficult to tell something different, but the good thing is that they are still two very good tag teams who always make great matches.

At one point while they are fighting the Usos music starts distracting the duo champions, so Randy Orton is sent out of the ring, while Riddle is left to suffer a duo attack that leads the Street Profits to win. After the match the Street Profits go up to the stage telling the champions that they don't have to worry only about the Usos, but also about the two of them.

Judgment day Edge and Damian Priest are backstage reminding us who they are. Edge and Damian Priest were out next and cut a promo about the business and the fans having no respect for superstars like them who put in the hard work.

Edge said that he wanted to ruin AJ Styles' life before RAW continued.

Edge cut a promo

Edge adds that the seeds of his character have been planted since The Brood, but that he is now a better version. Now his goal is not to listen to the fans anymore, but to think of himself with the desire to reach the highest peak of wrestling, adding that he and Priest have decided to seize the day, or the day of judgment of AJ Styles.

Shortly after Sarah Schreiber asks AJ for an opinion on all this and he replies that he accepts Edge's challenge to Wrestlemania Backlash, but before continuing the lights in the locker room go out, then they turn purple and the two attack him severely injuring his arm and shoulder.

of left. AJ Styles was in a backstage interview and the lights went out. The blue/purple lights turned on after a few seconds and we saw Edge and Priest attack Styles and take him out in the confusion. Both men collided in a one-on-one match this week on SmackDown.

Just like their previous encounter, this one too, started off pretty slow with both men feeling out each other. But it picked up pace as the match went on. Things took a turn for the worst in the penultimate moments of the match. Edge looked to get Rollins into a corner, but this is when Rollins used his left hand to blind WWE referee Jessika Carr.