Raw: Kevin Owens suffered another defeat

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Raw: Kevin Owens suffered another defeat

The time has come to get married. The ceremony starts with R-Truth saying that the 24/7 Title cannot be touched during this wedding and then introduces the two brides, with Dana Brooke who is all super precise and elegant and Tamina who enters a little more wildly accompanied by the your bridesmaids ...

THE B.A.D. PEOPLE GATHERED!!!! Now, if we go beyond the "what" of the public that are always annoying, mamma mia ENOUGH, the ceremony also goes very well with the promises made by Dana and Reggie first and then when we pass to Tamina and Tozawa the two "steal" promises to others to cut it short.

Then Truth asks if there is any objection and Tamina intervenes by exchanging the two spouses initially, but then puts them aside and she gets close to Dana with the audience going crazy (I screamed too). But eventually each goes back to their place and they exchange rings before kissing, but the incorrect one of Reggie backs Dana for the title, Tamina arrives and backs him in turn, but Tozawa also backs his bride, before being pinned by.

Dana taking back the title and running away on R-Truth's shoulders. The main event of the night saw Cody Rhodes come out for a match against a mystery opponent of Seth Rollins’ choice. The Visionary revealed that Cody’s opponent would be none other than his best friend, Kevin Owens.

Kevin Owens got down to business right away and dominated Cody for some time.

Kevin Owens is in crisis

He countered a dive from Rhodes and dropped him onto the barricades. WHAT A WONDERFUL CHAOS! Backstage Sara Schreiber interviews Bobby Lashley telling him that MVP left him a message and shows it to him.

The manager tells Bobby that he made a mistake in excluding him from his Wrestlemania match after everything he has done for his career and that he has now moved on and will focus on Omos, with the two challenging him to a match of Popeye and the giant who concludes by saying: "The era of the All Mighty is about to end."

Returning to the present, Bobby replies that it doesn't surprise him and that he is not afraid to challenge Omos to get to MVP and accepts their challenge. After the entrance of the American Nightmare, Seth Rollins comes out on stage introducing him to his surprise challenger ...

you are ready ... here comes ... Kevin Owens. The match starts hard right away and Kevin Owens manages to cause severe pain in Cody Rhodes' left arm, obviously starting to target him, not even going light on his back. As soon as Cody recovers, however, the two end up on the commentary table and Seth Rollins returns to watch the match from ringside while cheering for Kevin Owens.

At a certain point, however, the American Nightmare makes his opponent fall from the apron and outside the Drip God begins to yell at him, telling him to go back up, but the Canadian gets annoyed and abandons him, making Rhodes win by count-out and while he climbs on the stake to cheer with the fans, Seth runs into the ring and pushes him down.