Daniel Bryan on Being Focused

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Daniel Bryan on Being Focused

In order to do well in any profession, a person needs to be very focused and determined to succeed. Determination is what helps people achieve their goals, and focus helps them stay persistent. Professional wrestlers that focus on winning a title win it!

They do whatever they can to get the title, as they know that that is what they want. A professional wrestler can’t get to the top of any promotion without being determined to get to the top! The greatest wrestlers of all time were determined and desired to be the best of the best.

A professional wrestler achieves a lot during his/her journey of becoming the best, even if he/she falls short of the goal. Daniel Bryan is one of the most successful WWE Wrestlers of today. He is a WWE Champion and has beaten the best WWE wrestlers!

WWE successfully defended his WWE title in a Triple Threat match against Mustafa Ali and Kevin Owens. In a video released by the WWE, Bryan stated that he is super focused. "Focus? Focus, focus, focus. You know what I love about naturally fallen oak? The blood that I spill gets soaked up into it," Bryan said about his new Title belt.

"So the pain that I experience when I go out there, when I defend the planet every single night, it gets soaked up into the wood. Do you know how I retain my focus? Because I keep myself sharp, mentally. I keep myself sharp, physically. I remain focused at all times.