Bayley Talks about Ring Psychology

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Bayley Talks about Ring Psychology

In order to be successful, a professional wrestler needs to have a certain psychology that very few in his/her locker room possess. A wrestler needs to act well, talk well, wrestle well and cut promos well to be regarded as the best by his/her promotion.

Most professional wrestlers that are average are not good in one or more of these areas. That is why; those wrestlers never get pushed well by their promotions. There are certain wrestlers that are so good at cutting promos that they don’t need to excel in anything else.

On the other hand, some wrestlers are so good in the ring that they don’t need to excel in anything else. Wrestlers that have a good ring psychology can make any wrestler look good in the ring. They are specialists in coordinating attacks and moves which makes them a valuable asset for any promotion.

WWE wrestler Bayley believes in having a good ring psychology. She talked to CatchClub about Tyler Breeze helping her. “Tyler Breeze! He is so amazing," said Bayley. "He taught me so much about psychology when i was in NXT, he helped me so much with my matches with Eva Marie or Asuka.

And just recently when I wrestled Ronda Rousey, the person I went to was Tyler Breeze”. Bayley is one half of the Women’s Tag Team Champions. She is currently Sasha Banks’ Partner.