Gangrel is honest about his future: Nothing else I want to do in wrestling

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Gangrel is honest about his future: Nothing else I want to do in wrestling

Gangrel was a guest on The Wrestling Inc. Daily and one of the main topics was Cody Rhodes and his return. Gangrel also spoke about the influence of the media on the information. “It is tough, it’s tough with a lot of networking and stuff, they need to know everything too.

Everybody has got to know something, and everybody knows this and that, so there’s no surprise moments. "Definitely, I believe that mystery is missing in it, and that magic, suspense, and surprise of things. Because everybody speculated he was coming, that Cody Rhodes was coming over, you can’t hide anything anymore when it’s publicly traded companies.

Everything is bound to get out, but I miss that, it hurts wrestling, the fans like me. I like to be surprised, I want to watch something and not guess the outcome”. - Gangrel said, as quoted by wrestlinginc.

Next steps

He also revealed what he wants to do in his career.

“Nothing else I want to do in wrestling. I just want to continue to train, and be respected as a trainer,” he said. “Maybe not stay in the ring too long, where I am not respected as a wrestler anymore. But it’s mostly amongst the peers, a good relationship, and respect amongst the guys that I worked with in my generation.

“I hope to have the same type of relationship with the younger generation too. To bridge that gap with the older school and this new generation. I believe all of these worlds can get along, they’re both amazing worlds.

I loved what I’ve watched, and what I was a part of. “Just because I don’t do flips and all this insane stuff, because I don’t even have that athletic ability, to be honest, I couldn’t do it. Doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it, and watching it, and I don’t think that there is a place”.