Road Dogg on The Montreal Screwjob: I’m still not 100% sure it was all real

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Road Dogg on The Montreal Screwjob: I’m still not 100% sure it was all real

Road Dogg was an interesting guest this time as well, and he talked about the Montreal screwjob “When you go to the arena and it’s a TV or a pay per view day, you kind of just stick to your match, and at this point, that’s what I did,” James said for Oh… You Didn’t Know? podcast , as quoted by wrestlinginc.

“I wasn’t watching the show at the time, probably should’ve been, but I didn’t see what happened and all of sudden everybody was running to the monitors to try and find out what was going down.
“What I remember that night the most was two things, one, the loogie that Bret spit on Vince McMahon.

Like holy mackerel man, that was disgusting but what a shot, what an aim. I remember staying late at the building and Vince coming out of the locker room with a big red and purple eyeball and from what I understand he let Bret swing on him, I don’t doubt that one bit because that’s the type of man Vince is.

“I’m still not 100% sure it was all real and that’s just me being honest with you, I know I’m cynical because I’m a wrestler and I’m one of the boys and I think everything’s a work”.

Scripted or incident?

There are still many dilemmas about whether the thing was scripted, or whether it was an incident after all. “That nobodies cracked, nobodies spoke, nobodies sang,” James said, regarding no talent cracking over what really happened the night of the Montreal Screwjob.

“I’m not 100% sure either way and I am cynical because I’ve been in this industry for a long time so it just makes me wonder. They went all out if it was a work because he let Bret punch him right in the face”.