Popular WWE Wrestler to Host WrestleMania 35

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Popular WWE Wrestler to Host WrestleMania 35

WrestleMania is the biggest wrestling event of the world. It takes place every year! This year, WrestleMania 35 will take place. WrestleMania events are organized by the WWE, and some of the best wrestling matches of all time took place at those events.

WWE makes its best wrestlers fight at WrestleMania! For a wrestler, being a part of WrestleMania is a huge honor. Not every wrestler that is part of the WWE is allowed to compete in the event! The event features former champions, the best heels and the best faces.

The WWE in the past invited many famous celebrities and sport personalities to compete at WrestleMania. Even Floyd Mayweather was part of one WrestleMania. This year, Alexa Bliss will be hosting WrestleMania. She is a former Women’s Champion and one of the best heels of today.

She is fantastic at cutting promos and her show ‘A Moment of Bliss’ is very entertaining. She made a return to the WWE about a month ago after taking time off to recover from injuries. She has not competed in an important match ever since her return.

Bliss will most likely not compete at WrestleMania this year, but her role as the hostess will please her fans. Bliss has a huge fan following and her fans will be looking forward to seeing her host the mega event for The WWE.