Tyson Kidd was impressed with some superstars

Vince McMahon has built an empire with WWE

by Simone Brugnoli
Tyson Kidd was impressed with some superstars

In 2016, around Wrestlemania 32, Stephanie McMahon had decided to bring together in one room, together with her husband Triple H, all the women on the roster who at that time were still referred to as Divas, telling them that things would change from that moment on.

In fact, the Divas would no longer hear this term, replaced by Superstars and said goodbye to the pink belt with the butterfly tied to the definition, greeting the WWE women's title instead, which would soon become the Raw Women’s Championship.

At that moment the Divas champion, after having stolen the belt from Nikki Bella, was Charlotte Flair who challenged Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch at Wrestlemania 32 in a triple threat that has now entered the legend. To keep the title was Charlotte Flair, but she withdrew it and earned the women's title.

Former WWE Superstar Tyson Kidd, also known as TJ Wilson, has reportedly not produced matches for WWE in weeks. Indeed, the three wrestlers have really done a great job and even if they have now improved significantly by gaining a few years of experience, it is not difficult to understand why they were immediately called Four Horsewomen, along with Bayley of course.

Backstage news on Tyson Kidd

Interviewed on the DropKick Podcast, Tyson Kidd said, “Yeah, so, I was watching it from home […] it was less than a year after my neck injury. So, it took me about two years to get it back.

I remember being really impressed with that match […] I knew the creativity those women were going to have, but it was nice to see them even go through what I thought they were going to do and see it like, come to life.

Like I'd been around them at that point. I was around them a lot during their time at NXT when they arrived and also when I was doing my stuff at NXT. So, it was so great to see the transition and progression and growth from NXT to Wrestlemania in Dallas." Tyson Kidd, now known only as TJ Wilson, is one of the most talented producers in WWE and is mostly dedicated to producing his own matches or segments of the women's division.

He and Molly Holly have changed the situation of women in WWE a lot in recent months. He entered the multi-man contest as the 28th entrant but was eliminated by eventual winner Brock Lesnar. He was part of the final four alongside The Beast Incarnate, Drew McIntyre and Riddle.

According to Ringside News, Shane O'Mac garnered some considerable heat backstage for his hand in the match.

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