The Revival Explains Motivation Behind Attack

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The Revival Explains Motivation Behind Attack

In order to create interesting storylines, promotions need to define who the bad guy is and who the good guy is before a match. Professional wrestling has the terms baby face and heel. Heel is the villain character and baby face is the hero character.

Faces get attacked by heel wrestlers very often. Heels do this to get heat from the crowd. A heels job is to make the fans hate them and the best wrestlers of all time ran as heels during some point in their careers. In the WWE, there are heel groups and factions as well.

Evolution and The Shield were heel factions at one time. They were known to attack baby faces and leave them recovering in the ring. Heels can have a bigger fan base than baby faces going into a match in rare cases. The Revival made themselves heels when they attacked Aliester Black and Ricochet on this week’s RAW episode.

They explained their actions during a backstage interview. Wilder said, "Absolutely, we'd love to explain our action. We... they needed to be made an example of, Cathy. They come to RAW, they come to Monday Night RAW, where we run the tag team division, where we are the top guys of the division, and they try to make their names at our expense, at the expense of The Revival, at the expense of the top guys. Can you fathom that, can you understand that? They're trying to make us a stepping stone."