Mustafa Ali may be back soon

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Mustafa Ali may be back soon

In recent months, a major name on the Friday Night Smackdown roster has been associated with a possible release of the company. Unlike the many released in recent months and years, in this case, the boy in question would have chosen to leave the WWE voluntarily, with the company that has not authorized this release, not going to split the existing contract with the 'athlete.

During the last few weeks, in fact, Mustafa Ali had clamored to be released from the Stamford company, with his malaise that had become evident in the last period, so much so that he also released a statement on his social networks, with which the athlete communicated to everyone, insiders and fans of the WWE Universe, how he had made this request to the company.

For the moment, from the McMahon-owned company, no kind of thought has emerged about the thing, the only clue we have is what WWE has denied such a release, for now.

Is Mustafa Ali close to returning?

After reading about plans to also bring Asuka back to the rings on Monday Night Raw, against Becky Lynch, WWE seems to have come up with plans to bring back her lightweight, now absent from the rings for months, as well.

As reported by the Fightful Select journalists, in fact: "Fightful has learned that Mustafa Ali's possible return to WWE TV this weekend, as discussed. Plans have been made for him, currently for a return to Monday Night Raw, although at the moment it's still quite enough.

uncertain, given the constant changes in the company's running. Ali hasn't appeared in WWE programs since October and was booked to lose 11 consecutive matches between Raw, Smackdown and the ppv. After being drafted at Smackdown in the fall, he had dealings with Vince McMahon about his creative direction, which led to him being off the TV shows and not being backstage for months. In a last second update, we can confirm that Ali was included in the first draft of Raw on April 25th."