Bobby Lashley on Unorthodox Win Comment

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Bobby Lashley on Unorthodox Win Comment

The WWE roster consists of baby faces and heels. The baby faces are the hero characters and heels are the villain wrestlers. Wrestling matches usually take place between a baby face and a heel. The crowd cheers the face and boos the heel.

It is the job of the wrestling promotion’s creative team to create interesting storylines that will help sell a fight. Any wrestler can become a heel in one night, even if he/she was previously a face. A recent example of this is Ronda Rousey’s heel turn.

She became a heel the moment she started attacking Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair a few episodes ago. Wrestlers like Bobby Lashley are forced to become heels as they don’t do well as faces. Most hardcore fans prefer heels over faces as heels can put up a great show and can use dirty tactics without feeling restricted.

Lashley won the Intercontinental Title from Finn Balor this week. He received help from Lio Rush. When questioned about his unorthodox win by the interviewer backstage, Lashley said: "What do you mean by unorthodox plan? I don't understand that.

If you're talking about unorthodox, you should say that's how he won the title because I never lost the title. Nobody beat me for the title. But then I went out there again and I won my title again. So, yes, congratulations to me for being a two-time Intercontinental Champion. And on top of that, the most important thing, is that my man Lio Rush is back by my side."