New details on Bret Hart's future

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New details on Bret Hart's future

Just a couple of days ago we told you that according to what Dave Meltzer confirmed, the legend Bret Hart would have silently signed a new contract like those present for various former athletes with the WWE, very profitable, which obviously dismissed him.

from the possibility of landing in the rings and in front of the cameras of the rival company, the AEW. At Survivor Series 1997, Vince McMahon signaled for referee Earl Hebner to prematurely ring the bell in the WWE title main event between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels.

Backstage News on Bret Hart

In the even more recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, again Dave Meltzer has made it known that in addition to the legendary contract, there would also be an agreement between him and the WWE involving the merchandise and added that he does not know if this could in any way affect.

on possible agreements with AEW, given that he will soon accompany FTR, the tag team of Khan's company, during an independent show and also because the All Elite has organized a tournament dedicated to his brother. "So I don't know the whole deal.

I am told that AEW believes Bret cannot work for them due to a deal with WWE. Bret has a legendary contract with WWE, I don't know what he limits. So. I'm not positive ... he definitely has a legendary deal and a merchandise deal with WWE.

He's under contract there, but I don't know what the AEW situation is like. The AEW believes they can't use it, but I'll know if that's the case or not by the end of the weekend." Meltzer also revealed that he recently spoke to Bret Hart to find out if he would appear for the Owen Hart tournament finals at Double Or Nothing in Las Vegas: "I know Bret and Martha [Hart] have had their problems.

asked Bret when I contacted him a couple of days ago. I was like, 'Can you do this?' Because it would be great for him to be in Vegas for the Owen Hart tournament final. I think it would just be a nice symbolic thing, and he was just like, 'They didn't ask me,' that's what he said.

I think that would be something very cool. The key is Martha and all." It goes back to December 1995 - nearly two full years before the Montreal Screwjob. Madusa had signed with WCW, jumping ship from WWE. She took the Women's Championship and threw it in the trash on Nitro. While she later admitted that Eric Bischoff coerced her into doing it, Vince McMahon was on constant alert.