Austin Theory is ready for a big push

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Austin Theory is ready for a big push

Austin Theory, now known only as Theory, at the behest of big boss Vince McMahon, has made an impressive rise in WWE over the past couple of years. First, he went to NXT, then he landed on Raw, but after a short time he returned to NXT to be included in The Way, a stable of the Gargano family.

Here he had great success, he impressed the management and so he returned to the main roster, this time in front of an audience, becoming the one who takes selfies with everyone, but who is hated by the public and loved by Vince McMahon.

In fact, we recently saw him also at Wrestlemania 38 where he faced Pat McAfee in an excellent match, after having followed the advice of his mentor, Vince McMahon, for a few months, which is certainly not for everyone.

Latest update on Austin Theory

According to what was reported by the well-known Twitter profile WrestleVotes, WWE seems to be ready to give Theory a further push.

These are the words quoted by the sources: “Now that the push of him is taking smoothly, the source claims that he anticipates bigger and even bigger things for Theory. A person with first-hand knowledge claims that Vince "sees a young John Cena in Theory" and "will give the little boy everything he needs to be successful."

Needless to say, when you are in the good graces of the Chairman it can only be all right for you, as happened with John Cena himself or with The Undertaker who has always remained by his side without ever betraying him in any way.

We just have to stay tuned to WWE programming to see how far the company can push this guy and how far he can go with his passion and his talent. Former Women’s Champion Bayley is among those who have compared the two characters on social media.

However, speaking to Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Riju Dasgupta, Theory dismissed claims that he stole his former co-worker’s gimmick: “You see stuff online where people are like, ‘It’s ripping this off, it’s ripping that off.’ To me, it’s a different way of doing it and I’m going about it a different way.

Anything that people might have seen before or think they might have seen before, they don’t want to get along with it because they’re like, ‘Well, it’s already happened.’ But I think what I do is totally different”.