D-Von Dudley reveals that Triple H made him a producer

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D-Von Dudley reveals that Triple H made him a producer

Triple H has undoubtedly been one of WWE's most important characters over the past two decades, having done a great job both in and out of the ring. In addition to being an absolute champion on the square, The Game has personally contributed to the growth of many young superstars.

The 14-time world champion is appreciated by everyone backstage, having been the main architect of the birth and rise of NXT. HHH has made the 'Black and Gold' brand a great alternative to the Raw and SmackDown shows, allowing plenty of talent to show off.

A few weeks ago, Hunter announced his permanent retirement from wrestling. The last few months have been really complicated for him, struggling with rehabilitation after the heart surgery he underwent in September 2021. The 'Cerebral Assassin' made a brief appearance on the second night of WrestleMania 38, where he greeted the WWE Universe and left his boots in the center of the ring.

In the latest edition of the 'Table Talk' podcast, D-Von Dudley revealed that it was Triple H who made him a WWE producer.

D-Von Dudley opens up on Triple H

"Triple H has done an exceptional job both in and out of the ring.

Without his input, NXT would never have become what it is today. After announcing his retirement, he received a myriad of thank you messages. I assure you they were all sincere. It was Hunter who allowed me to become a WWE producer” - said D-Von Dudley.

"At that stage of my life, I had the opportunity to go and work elsewhere. Bubba and I could have continued to perform together in some other federation, but we didn't want to betray WWE. The Game knew this and gave me the opportunity to work as a producer backstage" - he added.

During his formidable career, HHH won the 1997 edition of the 'King of the Ring' tournament and two editions of the Royal Rumble match (in 2002 and 2016). The third-generation superstar took to Twitter to send a message to his former stablemate and one of his fiercest rivals in the ring.

Orton thanked the Cerebal Assassin for not giving up on him, before calling the latter a great mentor. "I know it took some patience with me in the beginning, but thank you for not giving up on me. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor.

Everyone that crosses paths with you in this business is better for it, whether it’s inside the ring or out. Thank YOU,"- Orton tweeted.