What are the plans for RK-Bro?

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What are the plans for RK-Bro?

In recent weeks and months, WWE has wanted to give a lot of confidence to RK-Bro, a couple formed by Randy Orton and Matt Riddle, with the two athletes who became the Monday Night Raw tag team champions for the second time, after having lost the titles a first time against the Alpha Academy.

Apparently, as reported several times by some insiders, initially Riddle and Orton had been put together almost as a joke, with the two who had to last very little as a tag team, and then went to see the sensational (but not so long) Orton's turn heel on Riddle, who should have started a feud against the neo called by NXT.

Until now, there were very few details about this story, with the well-known Dave Meltzer who in his latest update through the Wrestling Observer microphones, also wanted to make known the timing of this split, with the RK-Bro that would be had to last less than a month.

Update on RK-Bro

RK-Bro suffered a crushing loss on the most recent episode of RAW to Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford of The Street Profits. Unfortunately, a fake Usos entrance managed to fool the red brand's reigning tag team champions before the final pinfall.

In the latest update exposed to the Observer's microphones, the well-known journalist Dave Meltzer said: "I think they are just a great team. Obviously, it was something they fell into because they would never ... People know by now, that the idea was to keep them together for three weeks and then have Randy Orton take turns on Matt Riddle.

This was the idea. It didn't happen, because, well, 'Let's keep them together a little bit more' And eventually, all of a sudden, it became a 'We can't melt these guys' And luckily, even the fans remind them that it would be a shame to melt them.

Anyway, you know, at some point, it will happen, because that's how WWE works. And when you have a tag team, unless you are talking about New Day or something, but even with New Day, there is always someone pushing for the split.

Sometimes you have to fight to get a team to stay together. There is always that thing in the air that forces the teams to divide." Ahead of the massive Winner Takes All match against The Usos, RK-Bro took on The Street Profits in a non-title clash on RAW, and it predictably featured a distraction.

The SmackDown Tag Team Champions' music hit during the match's closing moments, which caught RK-Bro by surprise and allowed Montez Ford to kick Randy Orton off the apron. The Profits hit their finisher on Riddle and picked up a crucial victory.