A new push for Ronda Rousey?

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A new push for Ronda Rousey?

In this year's edition of the Royal Rumble, there have been several returns on a permanent basis and not for the WWE, with the most sensational return being that of the former Raw Women's Champion, Ronda Rousey. After losing her title at Wrestlemania 35, in the first all-female main event in the history of the Stamford-based company, Rousey took a break from wrestling to focus on her personal life, going on to give birth to her first child.

After getting back in shape in record time, Ronda returned to show up in the WWE rings, returning to the women's Rumble, winning it, as many fans had already predicted and going to surprise Charlotte Flair at Wrestlemania and not Becky Lynch.

After losing her title match in Wrestlemania 38, Ronda once again challenged the Queen of the WWE, this time however to an I Quit match, in the next PPV on May 8 of the company, or Wrestlemania Backlash. In the last few hours, some clues seem to have emerged online that could, however, easily make it clear who will be the winner of the I Quit match for WWE.

Ronda Rousey is a true champion

In his latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the well-known Dave Meltzer wanted to analyze the situation around the women's world title of Friday Night Smackdown, making fans understand how it is very unlikely that Ronda Rousey will pronounce the words "I Quit"

in the next ppv. To the microphones of his update, Meltzer said: “The thing is, I think Ronda will take the title. Because it would be really bad for her to lose the match, an I Quit match. So, I think she will win the title, as many other insiders think.

But then a problem arises, because Lacey Evans is a babyface and her natural opponent is Charlotte. You know, since Charlotte is the woman at the top of the heels in the Smackdown brand. But, anything can happen. Maybe it's all around the corner."

During her latest Facebook gaming stream, Ronda Rousey joked that she'd stay in WWE until she and her husband Travis Browne were ready to have another child. The couple welcomed their first daughter, La'akea MakalapuaokalanipĹŤ, in September last year.

"Yes, I am staying [in WWE after WrestleMania 38]. I’ll be staying for a while. I just had a baby. I’m not ready to have another one yet so, I’ll be staying around ‘till we’re ready for number two, or four," said Rousey.