WWE is not interested in FTR

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WWE is not interested in FTR

In recent days, some news had emerged regarding the contract of FTR of All Elite Wrestling, the former tag team known as Revival in WWE to be clear. Previously, this is what'd been reported: "The last few hours in web wrestling are getting very interesting with a crackling rumor coming out.

Apparently, the current ROH and AAA World Tag Team Champions, the FTR, have the contract expiring with the AEW for next summer and, according to the sources, WWE seems to want to take advantage of the thing to try a renewed engagement with the tag team given their strong interest in the last few hours."

Obviously, the whole thing had been reported by several major web wrestling newspapers, with numerous sites in the sector that had confirmed that the WWE addressed its two former tag team champions, to expand its tag team, now reduced after years of layoffs and budget and roster cuts.

Apparently, however, it doesn't seem to be so at all, with the last source having instead denied everything, saying that the WWE has no intention of summarizing the two exes.

WWE is not interested in FTR

According to a new report, fans should pump the brakes regarding any interest in FTR from WWE.

According to what was revealed in the last few hours by the well-known site Ringside News, it would seem that WWE has no intention of bringing back the former couple champions of NXT and the main roster, considering them only two average wrestlers and nothing more.

In his latest update, Ringside's Steve Carrier said: "They are seen as mid-carders, just as filler, both internally and to the media, and they don't seem to have a particular appeal to the world audience, except for the most hardcore fans of the past who are too busy giving stars and ratings to the media."

Apparently, this possible WWE interest would have been completely denied, with the only hypothesis that the federation could summarize its two former champions, which would be to put them in secondary programs, without ever making them reach the top of the company.

which it would do for other much more important names. While it's apparent that we won't see FTR back in WWE anytime soon, you can catch the former Revival this Wednesday night on AEW Dynamite as they compete against one another in an Owen Hart Cup Tournament qualifier match.

Dax Harwood is calling this the most important match of his career, tweeting out: "It's almost Wednesday, & you know what that means?! This is probably the most important match of my career. To commemorate a hero, I WANT to win this whole thing.

Either way, we'll both give everything we possibly have; for each other, for you guys, & ultimately, for Owen Hart," Dax Harwood tweeted.