Anthony Bowens Talks About Anti-LGBTQ Energy at AEW Shows

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Anthony Bowens Talks About Anti-LGBTQ Energy at AEW Shows

Popular AEW star Anthony Bowens spoke on Under The Ring podcast. He is an LGBTQ and he gave his thoughts about the Anti-LGBT energy he feels at AEW shows. Anthony is an openly gay wrestler and he is a member of The Acclaimed.

He wants this to have a positive influence on others.

Anthony Bowens Speaks About a Homophobic Slur Being Said to Him

“It means a lot to me to be an LGBTQ athlete because I struggled a lot with finding myself when I was younger.

As crappy as it was, there’s people that go through way worse than I did,” he said. “So, having this platform to be a positive influence, and be visible, and be present in a space where people typically think it wouldn’t be a safe space for LGBTQ athletes is very important to me”.

“I think it’s cool that I get to show the world that there are all different shapes, sizes, and personalities to being gay. There isn’t just one stereotypic image of what it is. Hopefully, I can provide hope to anybody else that is in the closet and dreams of one day becoming an entertainer, or a pro wrestler.

I am hoping that I can open more doors as I continue on through my journey”. Anthony Bowens then spoke about a fan that shouted a homophobic slut at him once. He stated that it was the only time it happened in his career.

“In terms of the public, just don’t be a crap human being, treat people with respect,” he said. “We had an incident a few months ago where somebody yelled something from the crowd. Which I have never really experienced too much, or heard too much.

Probably because either I am focused on the match, or it just doesn’t really happen a lot. “Just don’t bring that energy and that crap to the arena. I get it in terms of you wanting to yell at the bad guy and such but leave homophobia, transphobia, or racist stuff, take that crap and leave it someplace else.

If that’s what you’re going to bring to the arena, don’t even show up”. He stated that the AEW locker room has provided him a good atmosphere. He revealed that was one of the reasons he joined AEW. “Absolutely, that was one of the things that drew me to AEW, outside of the product being fantastic,” Anthony Bowens said.

“Was when I got there as an extra I think in August/September of 2020 I was so relaxed. I wasn’t walking on eggshells. I saw people like Sonny Kiss, and Nyla Rose just authentically being themselves without having to worry or hide”.