Roman Reigns reflects on his family and support system

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Roman Reigns reflects on his family and support system

Roman Reigns lived a few months away from wrestling to resume his battle against leukemia. The former WWE Universal Champion has received the support of the entire WWE Universe and is now back announcing that his sickness is in remission.

'The Big Dog' tied the WWE record for most eliminations in a Survivor Series elimination match with four in the 2013 event and set the then-record for most eliminations in a Royal Rumble match with 12 in the 2014 event.

Upon winning the Intercontinental Championship, he became the twenty-eighth Triple Crown Champion and the seventeenth Grand Slam Champion. In a recent interview with Variety, Reigns talked about his family and support system: “This whole period of the past few months, it’s really solidified my views on family and your support system and just being around the ones you love, trying to capitalize on that love and spread it.

It was nice coming back with those guys, and it was more than just me. Obviously with Ambrose, the news out with him not resigning, you just don’t know. It’s a unique time for us. We’ve grown as performers and young me to be able to handle a split to where we were separated."