Raw: Randy Orton celebrated his 20th anniversary

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Raw: Randy Orton celebrated his 20th anniversary

The episode of Raw opens with Riddle in the center of the ring launching a footage of Randy Orton's career in WWE, a beautiful tribute to a great Superstar, as the roster surrounds the ring. Randy then walks in and is awestruck by the WWE Universe and takes the microphone in his hand grateful for everything he's been through in WWE, good things and bad things, also thanking all the people who shared their careers with him, adding that thanks to Riddle he is having fun like never before in his career and is actually there for all to see.

Then Riddle says he has a surprise for his tag team partner: CODY RHODES! And we all know the story between these two, Randy literally guided him early in his career. But if you want to know more I recommend a video by MaxisAwesome92 which explains it very well.

Before having a good moment though, Seth Rollins interrupts everyone by telling Randy not to trust Cody Rhodes because he will steal his place as he did with him at Wrestlemania, adding however that both are now the past and that people will be inspired by him.

and not from them.

Riddle called out Randy Orton

Riddle opened WWE RAW to celebrate Randy Orton’s 20th anniversary in WWE. After a video package, Cody Rhodes came out to congratulate The Viper. Seth 'Freakin' Rollins got involved in a war of words before Ezekiel was confronted by Kevin Owens and The Usos joined in on the fun.

Then comes Ezekiel who congratulates Randy and introduces himself to him, but of course, Kevin Owens intervenes calling him a liar and saying that Elias is going crazy. In all of this comes the Usos directly from SmackDown saying that they have many favorite moments of Randy from the past, but their favorite will be when they beat him at Wrestlemania Backlash and unify the titles.

Oh look, somebody else comes out, hello Adam Pearce. The officer tells us there will be a match to celebrate Randy Orton: Seth Rollins, KO, The Usos vs Cody Rhodes, Ezekiel, RK-Bro. At that point, Owens tries to start the fight, but Orton sedates her immediately with a beautiful RKO!

Rhodes came out and shook hands with The Viper before Seth Rollins showed up on the announce desk and said that no one should trust The American Nightmare. Ezekiel came out to join them for some reason and so did Rollins, Kevin Owens, and The Usos.