Raw: Bobby Lashley showed all his power

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Raw: Bobby Lashley showed all his power

Judgment Day Backstage: we see Edge and Damian Priest saying they are better than anyone and that as soon as they see someone climbing to the top of the mountain, they chase him down. Then Edge also adds that people don't like it when the truth comes up and slaps everyone.

Then he focuses on AJ Styles and the injury they did to his shoulder last week, the same shoulder he injured himself when they collided in the 2020 Royal Rumble. Then he invites him to stay home and be a dad with an arm only.

Damian Priest adds that judgment day has come for Finn Balor with the two clashing later. Veer Mahaan vs Sam Smothers: another local ready to be squashed by Veer. Obviously, he gives up after two moves and the Indian continues to attack him, the usual script.

What a great career for both of us. We waited 100 years for Veer to then see him in a two-second match. Bobby Lashley and Omos squared off in an arm-wrestling bout on WWE RAW. It was the first arm-wrestling contest on the show in a long time.

Bobby Lashley defeated Omos

Arm wrestling: Bobby Lashley vs Omos. Backstage, we see Bobby Lashley telling us that he is ready to face Omos, but that he doesn't trust MVP very much. Soon after his enemies step into the ring and MVP keeps saying that Bobby Lashley has a huge ego that leads him to do silly things.

And then he spoils what he thinks Omos will do to Bobby Lashley, but he doesn't stop talking because the All Mighty makes his entrance. And like the good fights with friends during recess, Popeye begins with Omos being super close to winning as MVP insults Lashley, but at that point the former WWE champion responds and wins!

But obviously he is attacked by Omos with the help of a little distraction from the manager. The Colossus attacked Lashley after the match and sent him headfirst into the table. He took the former WWE Champion down with a clothesline before crushing him with the table as per MVP’s instructions.

Bobby Lashley injured himself even before Royal Rumble 2022. WWE did show a spot where Lashley landed on his shoulder during his match against Brock Lesnar, but that was a shoot hurt. Former WWE Writer Kazeem Famuyide reported that The Almighty will require shoulder surgery. As a result, he’ll be out of action for four months.