Raw: Damian Priest is unleashed

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Raw: Damian Priest is unleashed

Mixed Tag Team Match: Dana Brooke & Reggi vs Tamina & Tozawa (special referee R-Truth) After the wonderful wedding of last week, here we are in a match with the two married couples. But first, we enjoy a video shot a few hours before where R-Truth proposes to the two couples to do couple therapy and proposes the match that for those minutes will have the rules of the 24/7 Championship suspended.

The match is quite short and the winners are Tamina and Tozawa who immediately try to pin Dana by the belt, but then Truth also tries doing the pin alone since he is a certified referee apparently. But he fails and Dana walks away with her belt.

Becky Lynch is back. The former Raw champion returns to the red brand after losing her champion belt at Wrestlemania. Small curiosity: it is Becky's first time without a belt on TV in WWE since the first episode of Wrestlemania 35 in 2019.

Edge and Damian Priest appeared in a backstage segment to declare that the latter would reignite his rivalry with Finn Balor. The Rated R Superstar also claimed that they were better than The Undertaker before sending a warning to AJ Styles.

Damian Priest is unstoppable

After an elaborate entrance, Damian Priest took to the ring to fight The Prince. Balor used his speed to get the better of The Archer of Infamy early on and sent him out of the ring. The former United States Champion responded with a Razor’s Edge on the apron to punish The Demon.

The Irishman steps into the ring with the microphone and tells us that for three years no one has been able to beat her and she doesn't know who Becky Lynch is without that title and she can't recognize herself anymore by looking in the mirror and all she has to say is which has hit rock bottom, but at that point, all she can do is get back up and it's just the beginning of Becky Lynch's legendary comeback who will soon be champion again.

But wait… IT'S ASUKA !!!!!! SHE'S BACK !!!!!! Wonderful!!!!! Her speech is short actually because he tells Becky that he will stop her because remember: NO ONE IS READY FOR ASUKA! Becky, however, does not take it well and tries to attack her, but Asuka responds to her by making her run away and her redhead looks at her worriedly.

Backstage we find the Street Profits who, as always, talk about what happened during the episode so far, making their arguments and saying that it does not matter who will be champion of the couple after Wrestlemania Backlash, that the next in line as challengers remain them.