Raw: Veer Mahaan defeated Sam Smothers

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Raw: Veer Mahaan defeated Sam Smothers

Finn Bálor vs Damian Priest. The two immediately battle in and out of the ring, while Edge remains outside on the stage sitting on his throne practically in the dark watching everything. Unfortunately, however, as easily predictable, Finn Bálor still makes us a bit of a fool and loses by pinfall.

As I mentioned in the previous report, we don't deserve it. But the victory is certainly necessary to make the Edge stable still strong, which apparently is called Judgment Day. Rip at the pay-per-view. Miz TV with Theory. It's like seeing dumb and dumber, but bad, in a ring together.

The Miz praises Theory by saying that it reminds him of him as a young man and the boy replies that he admires him a lot, also adding that he will be remembered as the best US champion in history. But while The Miz tries to give him some advice about not trusting backstage people who will take advantage of him, we have another comeback… MUSTAFA ALI!

Those who do not die finally see themselves! Sam Smothers was the name of Veer Mahaan's victim tonight and the newcomer took the million-dollar arm in the corner before being hit with a double stomp to the back. Mahaan locked in the cervical clutch and picked up the easy win.

Veer Mahaan def. Sam Smothers

After the match, Veer Mahaan sent Sam Smothers into the corner before locking in the cervical clutch once more on the outside. Mahaan then powerbombed the poor guy on the announce desk and then locked in the cervical clutch on top of it before he was done.

Obviously Theory and Miz start teasing him, but he responds in kind, before challenging the champion for the title tonight, but Theory refuses. Ali then asks him if by chance he is afraid because he runs away from everything and everyone by pulling back from a challenge as if he were The Miz who boasts that he is not a coward and then the champion lets him know that he has just heard via text with McMahon and the two have a match for the evening.

At that point, the magnificent tells Ali that when he is done with him, he can only wish to have obtained those release papers (because yes, he had asked for the release from the company a few months ago). Mustafa Ali vs The Miz.

After the publicity, we return to the ring for the match that begins immediately with The Miz who, as always, does a lot of incorrect in his role as a perfect heel, but Ali does not give up and shows us he still knows how to do it in the ring.

After what appears to be a certain victory for The Miz after Ali injured his knee, the newly returned wrestler overturns everything in a winning roll-up. But while he is celebrating on the stage, Ciampa comes running! Yes, now it's just called Ciampa.