Mick Foley about an argument with Jonathan Coachman

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Mick Foley about an argument with Jonathan Coachman

Mick Foley has experienced many interesting situations in the WWE, but in an interview for SiriusXM’s Throwing Down with Renee & Miesha he talked about former WWE announcer Jonathan Coach and the argument they had “As long as I’ve known Jonathan Coachman, I only had one argument,” Foley said, as quoted by wrestlinginc.

“That was when he was maligning the good name of Stacy Keibler. Stacy didn’t want to come back [to WWE], she wanted to do other things. So I cut what we in the trade call a promo on Coach about how unlike those guys, the women didn’t have their travel paid, they didn’t get their rental cars or hotels paid for.

“They were expected to be great ambassadors of the company. They were expected to look good at all times, traveling the globe. And in the end, after taxes, they’re not making – I just didn’t think it was in keeping with a Superstar should be making”.

Foley makes a joke

Mick Foley decided to make a joke a few days ago on Twitter after Bret Hart signed for WWE. Foley tweeted: “Dear @DaxFTR and @CashWheelerFTR - can you guys start mentioning me on here and tag @VinceMcMahon in? Thanks, Mick " “First of all, feel free to spread rumors about AEW being really interested in me.

Dax and Wheeler are talking it up”. Mick joked. “It worked out so well for Bret. I think there’s a handful of guys they don’t want to see in enemy territory. They’ve taken on some major losses, so I thought, ‘hey, I may as well dangle my line out there and see if I can land one of those quiet, lucrative deals”.

He also mentioned William Regal. “He was such a great talent – still remains a great talent,” Foley said. “When I saw that he was gone from NXT, man, that was a head-scratcher, for sure”.