Ronda Rousey: Kurt Angle was an awesome guide and a teacher

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Ronda Rousey: Kurt Angle was an awesome guide and a teacher

Ronda Rousey is a famous wrestler who can also thank Kurt Angle for her success. “Kurt was an influence on me before I even met him, as an aspiring Olympian,” she said, as quoted by wrestlinginc. “I wanted to be an Olympic Gold medalist, the first American to win an Olympic Gold medal in Judo.

I mean, Kurt was that hero that I had of, ‘oh, one day you could have people look up to you, and talk about you with that kind of reverence that people talk about Kurt with wrestling.’ “In wrestling, people are all like, ‘oh, Kurt Angle, you know?’ So, I wanted to be the Kurt Angle of Judo.

Then when I came into WWE and they partnered us up, it was like he’s the only other person who has been in a similar situation like that. Coming from the outside, from other successes, starting your rookie year under a microscope, and the spotlight”.

Kurt Angle and Rousey

Kurt Angle was the person who supported her and helped her become what she is. “Having him to guide me in the beginning, and not like roll his eyes at me, and all the kind of stuff that I would say or do or whatever.

It’s just my inexperience and stuff like that. He was an awesome guide and a teacher,” Ronda said. “I just kind of felt like I was in good hands, and that anything I aspire to is possible. Because Kurt has already done it, and if Kurt could do it, I could do it, kind of a thing.

He’s not an alien, I could do it because he did, and maybe I could do more”. “When I first came into wrestling, I didn’t think that I’d even be able to have a match. It’s just so complicated, and I didn’t think I’d be able to have a singles run,” she said.

“I thought I might be able to be like a periphery-like helper character, like to Kurt, and be able to be in a tag and stuff like that. After I worked with him, I was kind of like, ‘you know what, maybe I can actually do this and not just be somebody’s whatever.’”