Kofi Kingston: I’m not a B-plus player

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Kofi Kingston: I’m not a B-plus player

WWE Universe has proven to greatly appreciate the skills of Kofi Kingston, who showed an incredible performance at the PPV Elimination Chamber about a month ago. Kingston was then scheduled to face Bryan one-on-one at Fastlane for the title, but was replaced during his contract signing by a returning Kevin Owens per the order of Mr.

McMahon. On March 10 at Fastlane, Kingston was apparently added into the title match by McMahon, but after entering the ring, it was instead announced that he would face The Bar and in a handicap match, which Kingston subsequently lost.

Kofi was interviewed immediately after the last episode of SmackDown Live: “This is definitely a big mountain to climb. My entire career…I realized a long time ago that I was never gonna be the guy who, ‘oh you look so big, let’s put him in the main event scene!

Oh this guy’s got the best physique ever let’s put him in the main event scene!’. For me, it was always gonna be the hard way, you know? It’s been hard getting here to this point, it’s been a battle, it’s been a struggle.

I would expect it no other way to get to Wrestlemania. If this is the path that I have to take to get to Wrestlemania to fight for the WWE Championship title, I’ll do it. They’ll say anything, right? They know damn well I’m not a B-plus player."