Lana’s Harsh Words for Mandy Rose

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Lana’s Harsh Words for Mandy Rose

The smartest WWE superstars use all and every media platform that they can to promote themselves. WWE superstars that are popular on social media are given a push by the WWE as they have a huge fan following. The fans will pay good money to watch their favorite wrestler compete.

Since the WWE is the biggest wrestling promotion of the world, they are able to generate millions of dollars through PPV sales every year by organizing awesome fights. Most fights and match cards are organized by the McMahon family.

Mandy Rose declared before Fastlane that she will face Asuka at Fastlane for Asuka’s Smackdown Women’s title. Lana sent a message to Mandy Rose and the McMahon family through her YouTube channel regarding the declaration.

Lana shares her YouTube channel with Rusev. This is what she said: “Here you have Mandy Rose, who announced, just announced that she was going to face Asuka at Fastlane. Now, to my understanding, there was an announcement made on RAW saying only the McMahon Family could make title matches.

Only the McMahon Family - Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Vince McMahon, Triple H because he's a part of the McMahon Family, can make official title matches that are on RAW or SmackDown, or on pay-per-views. So, how is Mandy making a declaration that she has a title match at Fastlane vs. Asuka?”