Lana Displays her Displeasure on YouTube

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Lana Displays her Displeasure on YouTube

WWE Superstars these days are very vocal about what displeases them. Not all WWE superstars are happy with what the WWE is doing or does. Most WWE superstars use social media to get their message across to WWE officials and involve their fans as well.

The WWE is forced to listen to the fans sometimes and give the wrestler whatever he/she demands. Lana is a popular WWE superstar. She isn’t known for her ability in the ring, but still has a huge fan following as she is very glamorous.

Lana had some harsh words for Mandy Rose, as Rose declared that she would face Asuka at Fastlane for the Smackdown’s Women title. Lana stated in a YouTube video that a wrestler cannot make matches and the McMahon family is the only one that can make matches.

Following Mandy Rose, Lana declared that she will face Asuka at WrestleMania 35 for the Smackdown’s Women Title. She said: “Breaking news is happening. Breaking news. I am declaring that I am going to face Asuka at WrestleMania for the Women's SmackDown Live Title.

Yes, I am facing her at WrestleMania for the title and I'm going to become women's champion at WrestleMania. I'm declaring, I'm grabbing the brass ring. Yes, I am... right now, from YouTube”. Her words are not to be taken seriously! She is only angry at the McMahon’s letting Rose get away with that kind of a declaration.