Gunther reveals his main goals

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Gunther reveals his main goals

In one of the last episodes of Friday Night Smackdown that aired on FOX networks, three of the now-former NXT athletes made their debut in the blue show's rings, namely Marcel Barthel, now Ludwig Kaiser, Gunther and Raquel Gonzalez, with the new name of the former NXT champion who is Raquel Rodriguez.

Many have wondered why WWE wanted to move the two former Imperium talents of its third brand, leaving Fabian Aichner at NXT alone, with WWE Universe fans not having any kind of clue. to decipher this shift. Initially, Gunther should have been moved to the main roster in single, but the recent weight loss seems to have undermined his character, with several WWE executives no longer having much faith in his might as the company's monster heel, despite asking him to lose weight to the athlete, it was Vince McMahon himself.

The WWE Chairman himself was at the center of the discussions in the last interview of the former NXT UK Champion, who still holds the reigning record having exceeded 800 days as a champion.

Backstage news on Gunther

In his last speech on Culthaolic microphones, Gunther was asked who would like to donate one of his very famous and very loud Chop, with the athlete who thought a little about what to say and with his interlocutor who asked him if Vince McMahon ever "put his chest on the line", with Gunther's response being: "No, he never did (get a chop).

No one has actually ever asked me for one, to be honest (laughter). It never happened. No. But I think he could take it and stay straight and be fine. He's a tough man." Gunther has been with the WWE since 2019 and these years that he's been with the company, he's more than made a mark for himself.