MVP opens up on Omos' future

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MVP opens up on Omos' future

During his WWE career, Omos once held the Raw Tag Team Championship with AJ Styles. Their reign lasted 133 days and allowed the 27-year-old from Lagos to show off his talents. At Royal Rumble 2022, Omos participated in the royal brawl by entering with number 11 but was eliminated by the combined effort of six superstars (after recording three eliminations).

On the second night of WrestleMania 38, he was defeated by Bobby Lashley at the end of a truly electrifying match. In the next episode of Monday Night Raw, 'The All Mighty' was attacked from behind by his (former) manager MVP, who decided to join the Nigerian giant.

The rematch between Omos and Bobby Lashley will be staged at WrestleMania Backlash, WWE's next pay-per-view. As a guest in the latest edition of 'WWE The Bump', MVP spent beautiful words for the former Raw Tag Team Champion.

MVP praises Omos

"Wherever I have been during my career, I have always been the champion. I know how to win and I proved it alongside Bobby Lashley, who was going through a moment of crisis before we joined forces. I helped him unlock his potential and thanks to me he reached the level he deserves.

He had never reached such heights before I intervened” - declared MVP. “I'll use those same moves and strategies to elevate the character of Omos. We are talking about a future WWE champion, I have no doubts about it,” he commented.

In a long interview with 'BT Sport', AJ Styles focused on the potential of Omos: "He can become one of the greatest ever. He has what it takes to be the heir of André The Giant, even though I've never met him. I have never seen a human being more imposing than Omos, you have to stand next to him to believe it.

Our separation? At some point, it was necessary for our paths to divide. Omos needs to move on his own, so as to fully express his talent." Soon after, Shane McMahon introduced RAW Underground, an experimental "worked-shoot" segment that represented an underground MMA-like style of competition.

Omos was essentially the bouncer of RAW Underground. But since RAW Underground didn't last for long, neither did his role as a bouncer. Omos was quickly shifted to an alliance with AJ Styles, who he is still with as of this writing.

The name "Omos" was given at Survivor Series 2020, and the next few months would see him help AJ Styles in various situations.