Asuka's segment wasn't convincing

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Asuka's segment wasn't convincing

Bully Ray already has something to say about the whole storyline that WWE has just begun to build between Becky Lynch and Asuka, historical rivals who when they come to the comparison never disappoint in any way. Construction this time began on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, where Big Time Becks stepped into the ring for the first time in front of the cameras after her defeat at Wrestlemania 38, where she lost the title.

In her speech, she said that she has hit rock bottom and no longer recognizes herself, but that now she can only come back to the surface and regain the belt, but Asuka, who is back after months and months of absence, told her that he will stop her in this climb.

New details on Asuka

During the latest edition of the Busten Open podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer said, "The way they ended last night's segment. Asuka hits Becky's nose, and goes for a spinning back kick, Becky dodges and exits.

What noise did you hear from the crowd after the nose hit? The dodging of the kick and the exit from the ring? That tells you everything you need to. There was no response. There was no response at the end of a segment with Becky Lynch and a returning Asuka.

In my world, that's not acceptable." Not happy, Bully Ray also criticized Asuka's character: "We had the Asuka she left about a year ago, which was put on the shelf a year ago. The kind of corny version of her, which they seem to like.

. Not my favorite version. My favorite version of her is when she was brought to the main roster and had that unbeaten streak all the way to Wrestlemania when she was finally defeated by Charlotte. After that match, I felt like she was I fell into the fun version of her, which is what WWE wants.

And that's okay. That's what they want. But, as a fan, that's not my thing." Still, in the same speech, he also talked about the fact that he is not at all interested in following this storyline: "After last night, I don't want to see what happens with Becky and Asuka next week.

It hasn't caught my attention. I don't know what to say. If we exclude how beautiful the women were and how great it was to see Asuka as a fan again, it didn't take me. Although Bully Ray obviously has his opinion of him, the numbers speak differently.