*Spoiler* Several WWE superstars have tested positive

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*Spoiler* Several WWE superstars have tested positive

The world pandemic is continuing its course and after a truly black period of two years, which was followed instead by a much more optimistic period, also thanks to the vaccines that have been inoculated all over the globe, now it is back a bit 'in despair, given that the infections have continued to rise, also and above all due to all the variants present around the world, such as Delta or Omicron.

Although many countries have already almost completed the entire vaccination plan developed by the doctors of their health systems, many others, around the world, would not have the economic capacity and the management capability to be able to spread vaccines so well, thus continuing.

the proliferation of the virus without being able to do anything about it. After spending over two years in a real nightmare, slowly it seems that the whole planet is coming out of it little by little, with the WWE that has returned to travel the world, already signing its Asian tour in Saudi Arabia and also leaving for Europe, where in the coming week we will have yet another tour in the old continent.

Apparently, in the last few days, the WWE would have had a new outbreak of positivity within Covid-19, with several Superstars that seem to have been stopped from the action, due to the appearance of the first symptoms of the disease.

WWE is in trouble

According to what was reported in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer kept us updated on the situation linked to the world pandemic virus also at WWE, with the company that had stopped checking its athletes monthly at Christmas, stopping to do swabs to carpet all over the roster, waiting only for the appearance of symptoms to carry out swabs.

In the latest speech by the well-known journalist, Dave Meltzer said: "You know, there are currently a few people in WWE who have been banned from shows for COVID in the past two weeks. At least a couple." One of these could be former Monday Night Raw and NXT champion Rhea Ripley, who was kicked out of a recent match on a house show not caught on camera due to unspecified medical problems.

Hoping that these Superstars can recover as soon as possible without any kind of future aftermath, we wish all the positives of the company a speedy recovery.