What were the plans for Ember Moon prior to her release?


What were the plans for Ember Moon prior to her release?

In her interview with Insight's Chris Van Vliet, Ember Moon talked about the last few disastrous and sad months she's lived in WWE, but she also wanted to give some background on what the plans were for her once she was separated from Shotzi.

In fact, immediately after the incident, Ember had an idea for a storyline that could help herself to recover, but also the young talents: "Me, Hunter [Triple H], and the lead writer at the time had the idea. to get me to do a turn heel because it was new and different.

During this process, we wanted to do a losing streak. This was my thought: 'Let me do the losing streak.' I see the new faces coming and part of my job at NXT it was to help new talent on TV, which I did. I love this business so much that I didn't bother.

Leave me alone, let me get frustrated and let me take the turn. 'This is a great idea, we have ABCD, we will make your first feud with this person.' Then the first match happened and I'm off TV for four weeks. 'Don't worry, we have this.'

Then, Hunter disappeared. I was supposed to have a match with Sarray and eventually, I got a rash on my arm. I had an allergic reaction to something and they thought it was something else, so they pulled me out of the match.

OK, it's good. 'We will have the match next week.' Three weeks later, 'we will have this match."

Ember Moon is a former NXT Women's Champion

Ember Moon then added that the match was eventually canceled from TV programming and that she made, more or less, her turn at 205 Live with Cora Jade, but then she was out for three weeks, before returning to Mandy and when things seemed to be going well, they even asked her to dye her hair again to go back to being the old Ember Moon.

“We're finally pulling the trigger. I received a note that week that said: 'In two weeks, we need you to dye your hair a fiery red, you're going back to the old Ember Moon character. This is for Vince (McMahon). You're about to be a heel again but like your old character.

We're trying to put the old theme song and other stuff together. "Okay, great, that's great." The former NXT Women's Champion was released from her WWE contract back in November. Following her 90-day non-compete, Moon returned to the independent scene as Athena and has had incredible matches with the likes of Thunder Rosa and Swerve Strickland. Both of whom currently work for All Elite Wrestling.

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