*Spoiler* Bobby Lashley risked a serious injury

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*Spoiler* Bobby Lashley risked a serious injury

Unfortunately, accidents in WWE as in the world of pro-wrestling in general are commonplace, with numerous maneuvers that are not performed as they should, for the most diverse reasons and which often lead to more or less serious injuries.

Speaking of such incidents, one must necessarily mention the one that occurred a few weeks ago to the former WWE Champion Big E, who fell badly on the ring at the ring of Friday Night SmackDown, managed to break two cervical vertebrae, remaining in that moment momentarily paralyzed to the ground.

Fortunately for him, other than the two compound fractures, there was nothing else to find, with the wrestler now resting at home, almost completely motionless and needing no surgery to put the broken bones back together, which will weld themselves with the right behavior.

Much more often, fortunately, other incidents also happen that do not lead to any injury, but that make fans of the WWE Universe who watch them live or from home or the insiders of the company swell to death. Just one of these incidents took place just a few hours ago at one of the stops of the WWE English tour, in Newcastle.

Bobby Lashley suffered a nasty fall at a house show in the UK on Thursday after the top rope broke loose during a match. In the last stage of the tour that is taking place these days in Europe, WWE sent to the ring, obviously not filmed by its cameras being a house show, a match between Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley, with the two putting standing a very intense contest, which at one point, however, had a small hitch.

Bobby Lashley risked a lot

In a phase of the match, in which Drew McIntyre pushed his opponent towards the ropes, and he bounced on them at the same time, the top rope in the ring broke, not favoring the rebound of Bobby Lashley, who found himself giving himself the thrust in a place where the rope was no longer there, flew below the ring with a truly disheveled flight, which left the fans amazed in the audience.

As you can see in the videos that we will post below, Bobby Lashley did not find any type of injury really good, with the former MVP ally who managed to finish his match, without particular problems. Lashley and McIntyre were seemingly setting up a spot for the Claymore when the top rope snapped after the former connected with it, causing him to stumble out of the ring.