Does WWE not know how to use Mustafa Ali?

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Does WWE not know how to use Mustafa Ali?

In the episode of Monday Night Raw, which aired last week, WWE wanted to surprise its fans with two great returns very welcome to the WWE Universe, namely that of the former champion of the red show, Asuka and the long-lost lightweight from the company's televisions, Mustafa Ali.

Asuka had to be absent for a physical problem and then for other problems of a creative nature, the Japanese had remained in the pits, waiting for the management to find the precise plan for her return, which was eventually identified with a feud against the 'former champion Becky Lynch, one of the top heels currently in action in the Raw ring, as seen from the first angle on Monday night.

Mustafa Ali, on the other hand, after having requested but not obtained a release from the WWE, returned after months to appear on the screens of the Stamford company, having a match against The Miz, on Monday Night Raw, which Ali won with a quick and sudden roll-up.

New details on Mustafa Ali

Speaking of the management of Mustafa Ali in the last period, the husband of Maria Kanellis, seen for some time in the WWE rings without any particular creative plans, only to be released together with his wife, after the latter had also had a child, so he wanted to speak to the microphones of the journalist Kevin Kellam, saying: "My thought is, you have to leave the best jobs to the best people.

I think, we have recently been able to go in that direction. I believe AEW is doing a tremendous job in this regard, squeezing numerous competent wrestlers into the best spots. I think Impact is also doing a great job many times.

WWE, on the other hand, is just plain terrible at that. But I think everyone knows I'm saying something everyone knows now. You have a boyfriend like Ali and you send him home and you don't do anything with him. They've got him back now, but they only have one boyfriend.

Clearly, this guy is one of the best on their roster. So why not use it? I think he needs to go elsewhere." The Intercontinental Champion took part in a live chat on Facebook with WWE Deutschland to discuss a wide variety of subjects.

When asked who he'd like to defend his title against at WrestleMania 38, The One and Only named quite a few people, including SmackDown star Mustafa Ali. Ali has been sitting at home since November due to WWE refusing to release him from his contract.