Omos pays tribute to MVP

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Omos pays tribute to MVP

After his victory in WrestleMania, Bobby Lashley had a new face to face with Omos in Raw. However, after being called to the ring by his now-former MVP manager, the latter attacked him, effectively starting a new collaboration with the Stamford federation giant.

MVP's action seems to have sprung from some statements by Lashley, which remarked that he did not need anyone's help to beat anyone. The former US champion and now manager of Omos did not take these words well at all, with MVP who therefore decided to put an end to the long twinning that had managed to bring Bobby in front of the WWE Championship, for the first time in his WWE ring career.

Now, instead, the new collaboration between Omos and MVP has been born, with the historic manager of Lashley, who instead accompanies the black giant of Raw to the ring.

Omos praises MVP

Leo Sparrow believes Omos has all the attributes to become a World Champion in WWE one day.

In his last speech to the microphones of WWE The Bump, the black giant who has already had two important feuds in the WWE main roster in single, against Styles and against Lashley, so he wanted to talk about the difference of having at his side the Phenomenal One and the MVP manager, saying: "As MVP already said, man.

This is the mental aspect of the game. He is showing me what it takes to become a true superstar. The Colossus. The one that pulls the strings of the WWE Universe. There is where MVP is taking me. Absolutely. Without a shadow of a doubt." Many in the past, within the WWE, had lashed out against the team formed by AJ Styles and Omos, because many were convinced that the Phenomenal One was really wasting time behind a tag team that would not have it.

led nowhere, with the leadership of the McMahon company who had preferred to keep Styles close to Omos a little longer, to make him grow on television screens, before sending him solo on his way. Even once he split with Styles, Omos was still joined by a well-known MVP character, because he still can't handle the quarrels of a well-rounded Superstar on his own.

Speaking on Jofo in the Ring, Sparrow predicted that the former RAW Tag Team Champion will go on to achieve superstardom in WWE: “When he gave me that squisher in the corner, all the air came out of my body. That was my body’s natural reaction to push him away and collapse.

That was as real as real gets. I believe that’s what they wanna see in WWE Champions… legitimacy. He’s the biggest human I’ve ever seen in my life. He absolutely will become World Champion”.