Big Cass reveals his biggest mistake in WWE


Big Cass reveals his biggest mistake in WWE

Big Cass is best remembered for his WWE militancy between 2013 and 2018. The New York superstar played his last WWE match on June 17, 2018, at Money in the Bank, losing sharply to Daniel Bryan. A couple of days later, the Stamford federation announced his release.

After performing on the independent circuit, on April 25, 2021, he made his debut at IMPACT Wrestling. Cass struggled with alcoholism during his time at WWE and it wasn't easy to deal with him backstage. After going to rehab several times, he has been sober for more than a year and has shown excellent physical shape in recent times.

Host of the podcast hosted by Renee Paquette, the former WWE star recalled a segment that aired on SmackDown in 2018, calling it the biggest mistake of his career.

Big Cass battled alcoholism and mental health issues

In the May 1, 2018 episode of SmackDown, I was supposed to lightly hit an individual disguised as Daniel Bryan.

However, the fans in the arena did not react as I would have expected. I lost my mind, I did not respect the script and I gave him a series of punches. I think it was the biggest mistake of my career. Looking back today, I am ashamed of what I did.

I was going through a difficult time and I was not lucid” - said Big Cass. “Now I am a very different person and I have no problem admitting that I was wrong. You are paid to do what you are told, wrestling works like this.

Follow the orders and - if you don't agree with them - you have to try to reach some sort of compromise” - he added. WWE is preparing to host WrestleMania Backlash, which is expected to give fans spectacle and twists.

Vince McMahon's company organized WrestleMania 38 in the best possible way, one of the best editions of recent years according to experts.

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