WWE wanted to move Raw to Tuesday

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WWE wanted to move Raw to Tuesday

One of the most historic WWE shows, is undoubtedly Monday Night Raw, the famous Monday night show, which currently airs on the television screens of USA Network in America, of the NBC Universal group. Raw also celebrated episode number 1000 several years ago, as the show has been running since the early 90s and has never skipped a weekly episode since then, with the show having also gone on to compete with the family's WCW.

Turner, who had chosen Monday to compete with McMahon, with their show Monday Nitro, then failed under the blows of the Attitude Era of the WWE. Apparently, however, in recent years, the WWE's said to have even considered the sensational idea of ​​moving Raw from Monday to the same slot on Tuesday, to avoid the NFL games, which take away numerous spectators from the show because of which a lot of segments and storylines on which WWE focuses a lot also suffer.

WWE wanted to move Raw to Tuesday

To reveal this indiscretion, we thought the usual Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, who in his latest Newsletter, in fact, stated: "There have been discussions in the past about moving Raw to Tuesdays to avoid the NFL because the NFL would hurt the show every year.

But Monday has become a night of tradition. Now, I couldn't imagine what USA might call it, or what they might call the show. If they were to move him during the day, they would hurt him. Not that Raw would lose 50% of the ratings, but Raw would certainly lose because it's a tradition.

Maybe it could help. Maybe the NFL months could help a little. Obviously, they never made this move. Now they go against the NFL every year. But they could also do one thing and say 'We only move it to Tuesday during the football season and then it goes back to Monday once the season is over and they never even thought about doing that, just think how important that Monday is to them."

The only real threat to Roman Reigns from the SmackDown and WWE RAW rosters is a certain Cody Rhodes. He has been presented as a top-tier performer since his return and has pretty much said his dream is to become the world champion.

And there's only one man who holds both world championships right now. For a very long time, the title picture on RAW was dominated by Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley. Fast forward to 2022, and both men are babyfaces.