Smackdown: Ricochet scored a convincing victory

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Smackdown: Ricochet scored a convincing victory

Two men (SPOILER: one is obviously Madcap Moss, he only has a hat to hide it, but you can recognize him from a kilometer away) bring the prize to the square. Corbin asks to pass him a hammer, but ... WOW! SHOT OF SCENE! ONE IS REVEALED TO BE MOSS!

But go? Corbin narrowly avoids the hammer on the head, but gets punched and ends up against the stake, only to leave in pain. All beautiful, but then Moss starts screaming in his own way and ruins everything, while Corbin walks away in pain.

Rabid Indians and Latin novices - Intercontinental Championship match: Ricochet vs Shanky. Typical match of David against Goliath, but with a giant too little credible for the situation. In the final Jinder Mahal blocks Ricochet's foot and Shanky attempts a Samoan Drop, but the IC Champion overturns with a RollUp and ...

1..2 ... 3! Jinder Mahal accompanied Shanky to the ring for his Intercontinental Championship match against Ricochet. Shanky started well and beat down the champion before locking in a submission move.

Ricochet challenged Shanky

Shanky was furious at Mahal after the match and walked out on him to close the segment.

It was a decent match that showed Shanky’s skills in the ring. However, he was outmatched by Ricochet who is a far superior performer in the squared circle. The partnership between Jinder Mahal and Shanky did not help either superstar get ahead on SmackDown.

It will be interesting to see whether both men remain prominent after the breakup. The former Prince Puma keeps the belt and we're all happy with it. After the match Mahal goes to scold his client but, for the first time, Shanky silences him and goes away alone.

- Backstage Raquel Rodriguez, interviewed by Kayla Braxton who reaches her elbow, says she is ready and enthusiastic for her debut on the main roster. - Raquel Rodriguez vs Cat Cardoza. The obvious jobber tries to make the coup by attacking the opponent before the bell rings, but then she takes them and ends up a victim of the former Gonzales' pin after the final One Hand Powerbomb.

While backflips are common, the King did this with next to no spring. Sitting with his legs crossed, there was no way he could have been able to pull it off. However, he proved to us once again that he is King Ricochet for a reason. Most stunt experts can admit without a doubt that such a move is not common and takes years of training.