Smackdown: Ridge Holland is constantly improving

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Smackdown: Ridge Holland is constantly improving

Promo by Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser! The former Marcel Barthel glorifies the Ring General as pictures of his past successes are aired, and then Gunther takes the floor and promises that he will get the respect he deserves.

- Wrestlemania Backlash Tag Team Championship match contract signed! Adam Pearce is joined first by RK-Bro and then by Usos, who all sign without too many problems. The Samoans say the others are just the numbers 2, while Riddle replies that at least the two of them are recognizable, while the Usos are damn alike.

But Randy disagrees, because Jey is the boss's right-hand man, while Jimmy is just a little sissy with easy virtue. THE FIGHTING STARTS! Riddle and Orton seem to have the upper hand, but... Ridge Holland and Xavier Woods took to the ring for their match after WWE continued their search for Butch.

Woods hit a couple of big moves to put Holland on the backfoot early.

Ridge Holland is growing

Ridge Holland used his strength to power back into the contest, but Woods kept getting the better of him. He broke free from a submission hold and endured a spinebuster from Holland.

However, Woods got the Backwoods and rolled up Holland for a win on WWE SmackDown. After the match, Sheamus challenged Kofi Kingston to a contest. Kofi started well and sent Sheamus outside the ring with some big moves. The Celtic Warrior hit three Irish Curse backbreakers on the former WWE Champion.

ROMAN REIGNS THEME STARTS! UNDISPUTED WWE UNIVERSAL CHAMPION IS HERE! Roman and Paul Heyman show up on stage and this is enough to distract the Raw Tag Team Champions, with the Usos taking advantage and attacking them from behind.

DOUBLE SUPERKICK ON RANDY! During his match again Danny Burch, and Holland played his part up. He delivered some great moves and managed to defeat his opponent. However, the victory will be one to forget for him. After the match, the two Superstars started fighting.

Oney Lorcan came to the aid of Burch and took the fight to Holland. Lorcan drove him out of the ring but the worst was yet to come. He immediately gave out and dropped his foe. The officials checked on him. He was writhing in pain and the official gestured the ‘X’ sign, indicating that something was wrong.

By the looks of the twist, it is highly likely that the ankle or knee is broken. The best-case scenario would be a bad sprain. Either way, we won’t see Ridge Holland in action for some time.