Gunther Speaks About Tyson Fury’s Possible Return

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Gunther Speaks About Tyson Fury’s Possible Return

Gunther is a brand new Smackdown superstar, and he spoke about Tyson Fury’s possible WWE return. He appeared on Cultaholic Wrestling to talk about this. Tyson Fury has expressed interest in returning to the WWE in the future.

Gunther revealed that he is open to fighting him inside a WWE ring. “To be honest, it seems like from what you see, he’s been around WWE,” he said. “And from what you hear, it seems to be like a cool guy and a pretty laid-back person.

He’s one of the best of all time in his sport. I’m not a big boxing fan, but Ludwig is into boxing, he boxed himself in his youth. Sometimes I talk to him about it, and then I pick things up. “Actually, we watched the fight in the locker room the other day, massive crowd, really crazy.

It’s great because he’s so unorthodox I think, he doesn’t look like the best athlete in the world, but in his sport, he is. If I will get the chance to wrestle him in WWE, I will definitely be very open to that”.

Gunther Talks About Possibly Facing Tyson Fury Inside a WWE Ring

WWE has released many popular superstars over the past several months and they are continuously hiring, and building new wrestlers. This is probably because the WWE wants to develop their own wrestlers.

They will be able to control them better and hopefully, those wrestlers will be extremely loyal to the company and not leave the WWE for any other company. Gunther stated that he has one disadvantage over Tyson. Because Tyson has a very high reach, Gunther would probably not be able to use his chops during the match.

“It might be tricky with the chops though, he’s got a long reach, he’s got long arms himself,” Gunther pointed out. “I should not try to get that close. I might need to go to the legs more than that”.

The host then asked about whether Vince McMahon ever received one of Gunther’s chops. According to Gunther, Vince McMahon will be able to take the chop. He also stated that nobody ever willingly asks him to chop them.

“He hasn’t, but nobody ever asks me for one, to be honest, it hasn’t happened. I think he can take it, he’ll be fine, he’s a tough man”.