Booker T shares his opinion on IInspiration leaving wrestling

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Booker T shares his opinion on IInspiration leaving wrestling

Hall Of Fame podcast and Booker T: good combination. Booker T gave his opinion on The IInspiration leaving Impact Wrestling. He believes that their presence alone for so many years is a great success. “You know what, I am not surprised or anything like that.

They were in WWE for what, seven, eight years? They had been in the company for quite some time,” he said, as quoted by wrestlinginc. “And to be a part of the machine for seven to eight years, that right there is a run in itself.

A lot of females don’t even have seven, eight-year run careers. For those two to just be in WWE for seven, eight years, that was a hell of a run for them. Then to work at that level is something as well”.

Booker T comparison: WWE- Impact

Booker T made a comparison between WWE and Impact.

Booker T seems to think that pay is the most important thing and that it should be considered when making a decision. “Taking nothing away from Impact, it’s a hell of a different ride,” Booker said. “Back in the day we had the Texas Cyclone and you wanted to jump on it, that was the WWE.

I am not even going to make a comparison there, but Impact is not the Texas Cyclone. When you’re stepping down to a different level, the crowds are different, the shows are different, and more importantly, the pay is different.

“That right there might be the one thing you can’t get past. When you’ve got road expenses, car, hotel, food, they’re going to take care of your airfare and stuff like that, and then pay your check, and you’ve got bills to pay at home.

Sometimes you’ve got to rethink the situation, that may be the place that they’re in right now”.