Can Charlotte Flair really beat men?

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Can Charlotte Flair really beat men?

During an interview carried out by the well-known TMZ, Hall of Famer Sean Waltman, better known as X-Pac by wrestling fans, even if he had some names, wanted to compliment Charlotte Flair for her skills in the ring. But obviously, being a very strong person of character and particular, let's say that he used a mix of simpler words and truly out of the ordinary concepts, expressing a more than direct opinion.

"She is incredible. She is an alpha female like there have never been any." But he didn't stop there, because he also added that he personally doesn't see himself in a ring with The Queen: "She'd kill me in a one-on-one f**k match.

She'd kill me, mate." The wrestler also obviously wanted to add his opinion on intergender matches, which are often a matter of discussion among professional wrestling fans, in fact, many are not against it, but others are: "They are open-minded about all this.

I mean, of course, I'm from an older school of thought, so it's weird for some of us seniors to see that, but I think we should be open to that."

Charlotte Flair is a true legend

Jazz is willing to come out of retirement to face Charlotte Flair in a first-time-ever WWE singles match.

Speaking on Rene Dupree’s Cafe de Rene podcast, Jazz said Flair is the “total package” and someone she would like to work with: “They asked me if I would come out of retirement for anyone, who would it be? I said if I get a knee replacement, get back in shape, I’ll come out and wrestle Charlotte Flair.

She’s a worker, you know, and I love it. She’s a worker, man. She’s the total package, she really is," said Jazz. X-Pac isn't the only one to have touched on this topic, but although differently, Mark Henry and Billy Ray also said they would absolutely see the current SmackDown champion in some matches with men.

"She has the potential to outshine Ric if she is allowed to fight men," the World's Strongest Man said on a recent episode of Busted Open Radio. "They could give her a run doing this, and then go back to women's wrestling and be the ultimate heel." While Bully Ray said, “I want Charlotte to fight men.

In fact, entering this match, you know, she applies Figure 8 on two other guys, three other guys… you can have guys who give in left and right."

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